Ride on the earth, Rescue Wax

Ride on the earth, Rescue Wax

Ride on the earth, Rescue Wax is a fluorine-free wax brand.

eam Rescue Wax is a domestic wax manufacturer based in Hakuba Village, Nagano Prefecture, boasting a history of 20 years. The movement to ban fluorine overseas began about 10 years ago. We have developed a new material as an alternative to fluorine’s water-repellency and are committed to producing wax that offers the contrasting effect of hydrophilicity. All our products are free from fluorine and petroleum-based paraffin. We are fully dedicated to doing our utmost for the next generation.

Over 300 miles of gliding distance|Polyethylene hot wax

We do not use conventional petroleum-based paraffin. Committed to the development of next-generation materials, we've advanced the creation of coatings using natural ingredients in addition to polyethylene. This coating offers a glide of more than 500 kilometers and requires waxing only once a season. Our 1DAY type is user-friendly and safe; even children can apply it in a few seconds and enjoy a full day on the slopes. We aim to bring winter sports closer to everyone and create an environment where more people can easily relish in nature-driven sports.

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